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Sam Huntington

Total Votes: 70
Gay: 49
Straight: 21

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Name:Sam Huntington
Birthday:1 April 1982

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Huntington's mother, Christine Sta bile, owned and operated the Black Box Theater, where Huntington started his career. Huntington's great-uncle was actor Ralph Bellamy. When Bellamy died, his Academy Award for lifetime achievement was given to Huntington. On August 12, 2006, he married his girlfriend of five years, actress Rachel Klein. The two wed in Huntington's hometown before heading off to Turtle Island Resort in Fiji for their honeymoon. Huntington's first role was in the 1996 television movie Harvest of Fire, which starred Lolita Davidovich. He then appeared opposite Tim Allen in Disney Jungle 2 Jungle the following year. Roles in the films Detroit Rock City, Not Another Teen Movie, Rolling Kansas, Home of Phobia, In Enemy Hands and River's End followed, alongside guest appearances on CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Law & Order, and Veronica Mars. He was also in the History Channel documentary The States when it covered New Hampshire. Most recently, Huntington starred as Jimmy Olsen in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. His most recent film was the comedy Fan boys. Huntington plays the lead role in the live film adaption of Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night.


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