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Nic Cester

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Name:Nic Cester
Birthday:July 6 1979

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Nicholas John "Nic" Cester (born July 6, 1979) is an Australian singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and is the lead vocalist in rock band Jet. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Cester is the oldest of four brothers, born to a Scottish mother and Australian father with Italian parents. The band was initially formed in 1996 by Cester and Cameron Muncey while at High School. Cester decided to learn how to play guitar after watching his uncle play Blackbird. Currently, Jet is composed of Cester (vocals, guitar), his brother Chris (drums, percussion, vocals), Muncey (lead guitar, vocals), and Mark Wilson (bass, piano, vocals). When Jet first began performing in clubs, Cester was working in a Melbourne factory as a forklift operator. Jet played multiple shows and residencies at The Duke of Windsor Hotel (locally and endearingly referred to as "The Duke") in Chapel Street, Windsor. Dave Powell of Majorbox Music saw them play one night and decided to take them on. The band was signed to record label Elektra after their debut single, "Take It Or Leave It", became a hit. Cester currently tours with Jet for most of the year, but when he's not traveling he hangs out in his home town of Melbourne. He formerly attended St. Bedes Boys College in Mentone, Victoria, and sees The Beatles as his greatest musical influence. Cester is a founder of the supergroup The Wrights. In August 2004, at the height of Jet's success internationally, he lost his beloved father, John, to cancer. He wrote the song "Shine On" for his younger brothers and cousins as a tribute to his father. In late October 2006, Cester was diagnosed with vocal nodules. Jet rescheduled several European dates, allowing him time to recover. On October 31, 2007 Cester performed alongside Powderfinger & Missy Higgins in Concert for a Cure (for women with breast cancer). Cester's uncle is cult alternative rock band TISM member, Eugene Cester, or "Eugene De La Hot Croix Bun". On 22 January 2010, he covered the AC/DC song Back in Black with British Rock Group Muse at Big Day Out 2010. Cester, alongside Davey Lane and Kram have produced a single for the upcoming Australian feature film Tomorrow When The War Began, titled "Tomorrow".


"We're too young to always know what the right step is, but we'll keep going. I wouldn't call us arrogant, but we do have a lot of faith in ourselves."

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